Take a look at some of the past guests on the Gravedigger Show -
These are Joe's personal friends and relationships. 
A man from a cardboard box knows these people - Incredible!

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The following morning on J93.3 the Gravedigger gave his testimony on Jerry and Shila's Wake Up Show J.93.3. Pictured is the crew at work.
Penny Cianelli shares her childhood sexual abuse and date rapes while growing up.

Cobb County Commissioner Woody Thompson talked with Joe about the 3 Swat Team members killed in the line of duty in Cobb County
Founder and owner of WATC TV 57 Jimmy Thompson told his personal testimony on Joe's show.

TBS SuperStation 17 Producer Interact Atlanta Myrna Moore, who did a special Christmas morning show on Joe's story, appeared on his show with her testimony and played piano and sang.
Senator Donzella James, who wrote the 20 Year Pension Bill for Joe's Police and Fire HB 1033, is in the white dress in the center. She has appeared on the Gravedigger Show twice.

Actress Martha Knighton from Heat of the Night and other famous programs, shares her testimony on breast cancer.
Big Red (with hat) and Ken Reese, a Fulton County Firefighter. Both have television shows on WTMN Christian Television. This was a fun show!

Joe Brought the Metro Fire Chiefs (all 50) to the station for lunch and a Gravedigger Show talk.
Public servant hotline chaplins - As of May 2000, this group has stopped 22 suicides. They are on every week on the Gravedigger Show.

Chief Thomas Pocock from the City of Atlanta Detention Center. Joe told him how he loved being in his jail!
Jerry Williams, program director and co-host Shiela Richards from the J.93.3 Wake-up Crew gave their testimonies on Joe's show!

State Fire Marshall Alan Schuman.
City of Atlanta Police Chief Beverly Harvard spoke about her and Joe's relationship. While the memorial was being built, Joe was wanted by the Law while they worked together. God sure asks us to do some crazy things to prove His Word is true.

Sheriff Jackie Barrett, Fulton County SheriffDeputy Sgt. Keith Battle, who received the Gravedigger pin during the Public Safety Recognition Month.
Pastor Wiley Jackson of the Gospel Tabernacle's Word in Action Ministries.

Pastor Harold Caballeros flew in from Guatemala to be on the Gravedigger Show. He'll be working on the translation of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible.
Winston Minor, City of Atlanta Fire Chief. His second appearance on the show.

Lt. Governor Mark Taylor State of Georgia shared his personal testimony and mistakes he made in his life.
Governor Roy E. Barnes of Georgia did two Gravedigger Shows pictured with Beverly Black, ex-show producer, and Joe at the capital.

Distric Attorney Paul Howard on the Gravedigger Show set.
Retired Chief of Police Fulton County Lewis Graham.

Christian Radio in Atlanta.
Rudolph Patterson, President of the State Bar of Georgia, talked about our lawyers and judges in Georgia.

Dwayne Cook (Cookie) 13 Years clean from alcohol shares his testimony from prison to 9 years without a drivers license and the Big Book of AA.
Congressman John Lewis shared his testimony.

Insurance and Fire Safety Commissioner John Oxendine on the show talked about his duties.
Office of Governor, Children and Youth Coordinating Council, Judy Neal, Executive Director and Louis Graham, Alcohol Policy and Enforcement Director.

Chick-fil-a founder and president Truitt Cathy shared his life story.
Jimmy Compton - the man plays his horn in the streets of Atlanta to bring people off of drugs.

Lauren White of Southwest Christian Church, shared her testimony of healing from a tumor on the brain (almost dead) to a complete healing miracle. Cancer-free using the World of God.
Dake Bible - The Dake family shared their testimonies and spoke of the late Finis J. Dake, author of the Dake Annotated Reference Bible.

Zeke Issicson, President of the Georgia Handicappers, shared his testimony.
Pat Kirkland and Joy Gilbert of the Grief Support Group tell their testimonies of Public Safety Deaths and how they deal with it.

Betty Cornett - Co-host of Atlanta Live and Prayer Partner Manager shared her encounter with angels.
Glenn Simpson MA. NCC LPC, director of New Life Clinics.

Vincent Thompson, Production Manager of WATC TV 57 shared his testimony.
3 people whose lives were changed watching the Gravedigger Show. Jack Salo, a wealthy businessman who found Jesus, Minister Merle Peirson, second mass murder stopped, and James Legette, healed of colon cancer.

Burn Survivor Dennis Gardin. "I don't want to be a disfigured monster."
Safe House Ministry - Joe did a program with street people. 27 lives came to the Lord.

Richard Roberts prays over and touches all of Joe's prayer requests from his viewers. This is why it is so important to write your requests to him. Joe saves every one and has special annointed people of God touch them. In this case Joe drove 100 miles round trip on a Friday evening to get them in his hands and then drove back. Don't you want your requests to be handled by Joe the Gravedigger?
Secretary of State Cathy Cox took questions from the Gravedigger audience in the streets.

Atlanta Police and Fire Grief Support Group were on the Gravedigger Show. Left to right are Joy Gilbert, Chaplain Kenny Rodgers and Pat Kirkland.
Pastor Richard Roberts, son of world famous Oral Roberts and host of the television show "Something Good Tonight" on the Gravedigger Show.

J. Terry Norris, Ex-Vice President of the Georgia Sheriff's Association. Over 10,000 Deputies and 157 Sheriffs in Georgia was also on the Gravedigger's 20 year-out staff.
Pastor Louis Wiggins talked about being burnt alive in a jail cell and going to Hell and the smell of Darkness - powerful testimony.

Chuck Clay, Chairman of the Republican Party of Georgia, shared his life in Law and Politics with the Gravedigger Audience. Vernon Keenan, Asst. Director (left) and Milton (Buddy) Nix, Director of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, have individual testimonies of their lives and helped bring a better understanding to Joe's viewers of their department's responsibilities to public safety and the general public as well.
Half of the CBS News Anchor Team, WGCL 46 Calvin Hughes shared his testimony on how his Christian upbringing was shattered by his father's accident and how he overcame hard times to become successful. Rudolph Patterson, President of the State Bar of Georgia, gave his personal testimony on Joe's show, and provided his viewers with inside tracks to overcoming problems with lawyers, and fostering a better understanding of the legal profession.
David Worley, Chairmain of the Democratic Party of Georgia, gave his personal testimony on the Gravedigger Show. The Gravedigger Show and Joe did an on-location interview with today's troubled youth. Joe shared his testimony about childhood rape and torture, and lack of Christian guidance. Boy, did they ever relate with Joe and opened up on camera.
Chuck Clay, David Worley and the Gravedigger pray together for the Presidential election. This was a 1 hour special with questions from Joe's viewers about the election. A real FIRST for Christian television to host such a powerful debate. This was an exclusive television appearance and shows God's favor on a man from a cardboard box over our political process. 1 Cor. 1:27b "And God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;" Lois Collins, founder of the Insiders Teen Center, gave her personal testimony on working with troubled youth that churches don't want and society rejects. She brings hope and spiritual guidance, as well as a new family together where youtha nd gangs can be renewed to healthy thinking. Lois shared how a girl threatened to take her life while she slept.
Philip Bray, founder of Safehouse Homeless Ministry in downtown Atlanta, with his wife, Pam. Phillip shared his testimony about growing up in the streets of Atlanta, from drug addiction to selling dope to the club owners. He found the Lord and is now using his past influence to help indigents. It's 3 am in the morning in a nice neighborhood, and a very unhealthy senior citizen sits in a chair nursing a delapidated body. With no medical attention, why was he tossed out of his home? Who cares? What happened to him? Is he a bum, or just caught in the system? Let's find out!
Joe's show did a story on the Insiders Teen Center in Hapeville, GA, where Lois Collins takes in as many as 800 youth. Very few have healthy emotional and family relationships. This was a powerful program. Larry Tinsley, V103's Giant of the Gospel, shared his testimony of childhood health problems and his relationship with James Brown, the Grandfather of Soul and the No. 1-rated radio program.
Mike Dorm, GEMA, Gave a personal demonstration of how youth in schools hide deadly weapons on the Gravedigger Show. This agency is now partnering with Joe - in the Zone. Attorney General Therburt Baker appeared twice on the Gravedigger Show. He made the following statement about Joe on the air: "Thank you Joe, for making our state move in a more Godly direction."
William Moore, 7 hours from the electric chair, gave a powerful true testimony of a confessed murderer sentenced to death within 7 hours of execution (stood on God's Word) and is free today. Lisa Palmer gave her testimony on child abuse that led to drug addiction to the streets where she lost her children and God restored her family and now is drug free.
Dr. Jorge Valdes, a cocaine drug lord. As US Head of the Medell Drug Cartel, he knew spectacular power, pleasure and wealth - as well as an inner sense of corruption that he could not escape. "I was God." "The power of life and death was in my tongue." Full Gospel Business Men's International appeared on the show. Left to right, Jimmy Roger, author of "Victory Over Shattered Dreams," and International Director with Tom Allanson, Prison Director and Darrell Whiting, Internet Director. All three shared what God did iin their lives.
Pastor Ken McNatt of Metro World Outreach Church, shared his testimony of a life in the fast lane, including a heroin addiction that became so bad that he addicted his precious wife. One day God spoke to him and told him He wasn't giving Ken a second chance. It's an incredible testimony of God's grace and power. Heinz Wegener, Bobby Young and Larry Shrader. Three CEO's with the NFL-Norcross Fellowship Luncheon shared testimonies of using God's Word in business. The assault on the bottom line. Must they lie to achieve it.
The Gravedigger Show took the cameras on location to stand for Andrew Bowie in his fight for his children and the possible extradition to France. Read his thank you letter! Pastor Dino Andreadis flew in from Canada to share his testimony of witches that lie in darkness in Hollywood to prey on actors and actresses wanting to make it big in tinsel-town.
Gravedigger did a special show on Sherry Lyons' funeral and burial at the Memorial Park Joe built for them. Look at all the police! 200 motorcycles surrounded the park that Gravedigger built for them from that cardboard box, onl location with the Sherry Lyons funeral.
Rebecca Simmons shared how the party scene, fast cars and large homes with tennis courts left her depressed and all alone. Tracy Wells, host of "Let's Talk," shared her testimonial of rape and life in the jet set and back to women's outreaches and evangelism.
WXIA News Anchor Wes Sarginson was a guest on the Gravedigger Show. This took place at officer Sherry Lyon's Funeral. Lee Stilley gave his testimony on the Gravedigger Show. He spoke from the heart on how the public safety hotline saved his life. He was a firefighter who served the public well!
The Gravedigger took his camera and international audience with him on location to Atlanta's City Hall. He spoke out for a 3 percent pension raise for firefighters. They got it, and many who were against it were noted! Joe's audience will remember on voting day! Eric Swartz, CEO of Swartz Institutional Finance, shared his testimony on how the Holy Spirit came upon him at a Businessman's Advance and he was slain in the Spirit. The Lord used him for great walth and he shared this with all the viewers.
Cedric Smith, Special Investigator with the Atlanta Police, was the co-host on the Gravedigger Show, with special commentary on Officer Sherry Lyons' funeral. Tina Turner Jones shared her testimony of suicide and depression. She was angry at God for bringing her back to life while she was in a coma.
Author Os Hillman gave his personal testimony of the adversities he suffered that God used to bring a whole new ministry to pass. He has a devotional that reaches people all over the world. Kathy Cox, Georgia Secretary of State, accepted Joe's invite to be the keynote speaker to the families that lost Public Safety Officers at Forest Lawn. Kathy used to be a firefighter.
Professional counselor Glenn Simpson and Tina Turner Jones teamed up with the Gravedigger to do a program on suicide. During that program 2 people aborted taking their lives. Praise God! Donnie Rodgers of Augusta, Georgia, shared his testimony of the physical tortures of dealing with gangsters while he supplied the dope for 38 crackhouses in Miami. He fell victim to his own drugs until the Lord delivered him.
Pastors Mirek and Linda Hufton gave there testimonies of walking on the water with the Lord. Mirek was diagnosed with cancer with three months to live with no medical insurance. They had no choice but to believe the bible or die. That was seven years ago. Anthony Blackman, known as TOC, The Thug Scholar, gave an incredible story of a hard life in the projects, overcoming drug addiction, prison, and the Muslim faith. Jesus saves, and Anthony is now a Gospel Rap Singer.
William Merriweather (left), former homeless man, together with Ron Wren, of Safehouse Ministries. Both gave their testimonies on the Gravedigger Show. Colonel Nimrod (Mac) McNair, shared his testimony for Senior's Week. Mac is 78 and still going strong. Mac survived being shot down 4 times and two airplane crashes. He ran for the Governor of Georgia in 1993. We adored his wisdom and wit!
(Left to Right) Lynette Towns, Gail Odem, Elaine Brown of Middlehouse told their testimonies of childhood molestation and rape that tortured their childhood upbringing. They formed Middlehouse for Battered Women. Joy Duncan with the Metro Counsel of Alcohol and Drugs, spoke of all the recovery centers in Georgia. 800 of them were listed on her site that links to the Gravedigger Show website.
Joe Oreskovich, the Gravedigger, received the Magestic Eagle Award for Outstanding Humanitarian Achievement from the God First Atlanta Agape Women's Convention in November, 2001. Joy Duncan with the Metro counsel of Alcohol and Drugs gave the Gravedigger's Audience information relating to the location of all the funded recovery programs were in Georgia and the Southeast.
Note from Joe. The next time you see me on television asking for items of warmth for my people, why not give them a hug and a haircut so they can feel good about themselves instead of your old clothes you were throwing away anyway! We're not animals! On of my friends froze to death! The Gravedigger took his cameras to Hosea's Feed the Hungry Thanksgiving Day!
You think homeless people couldn't use a shower too? The Gravedigger Show on location with Hosea's Feed the Hungry. The Gravedigger has been blessed to be promoted to Honorary State Fire Marshall Atlanta Police and GBI Agent. Tom Brown promoted him to Sheriff and a picture of that badge will be posted soon!
The Gravedigger Show hosted the testimonies of four television show hosts. Big Red and Carolyn of WTMN's "Don't Worry, Be Happy" (R) and David and Polly Crawford (L) of "Word of God" television show in Macon, Georgia. Al Plume, founder of "Promise Land" in Ellijay, Georgia, brought three men to share their testimonies of alcohol and drug addiction and gave the Gravedigger audience a tour of the facility.
Babbie Mason sang two songs and shared her personal testimony on the Gravedigger Show. She hosts her own international television show and is an author and Gospel singer. Steve Propst, President of Metro Atlanta's National Depressive and Manic-Depressive Association gave Joe's viewers an understanding of depression. The show stopped two suicide attempts and won three souls to the Lord.
Chuck Wade, State Director of "Drugs Don't Work" gave his personal testimony of his 13 years working as an undercover narcotics agent. Lavern Tripp, a world-reknown singer and evangelist, shared his testimony of alcoholism that tormented his Christian singing career.
Jackie Beavers, Presidential Ambassador of the Full Gospel Businessmen's International gave his testimony on Joe's show. (l to r) Thomas Houston, Stephanie Wright and Jeff Yearbrough teamed up with the Gravedigger to try to bring hope and understanding to the Public Safety families who watched the show. The show honored 389 New York police and firefighters with a salute at the end of the show.
Gravedigger with Atlanta City Counsel President Robb Pitts. The show hosted an exclusive personal impromptu chat with Shirley Franklin, Gloria Tinubu, and Robb, three days before the election for Atlanta's Mayor. Senator Donzella James shared her testimony on the loss of her son by a drunk driver that led her to write new driving laws.
Joe the Gravedigger was honored with a Super17 Award by TBS May, 2002. Sheila Zbosnik, Associate Producer of ATL Live, gave her testimony on severe child abuse and a life that kept her always in fear of losing control.
Susan Cash's testimony on violent rape helped many. Michael Thurmon, Commissioner, Georgia Department of Labor. The show focused on the 186,000 Georgians out of work.
John Henderson shared his testimony on multi-millionaires that crash. John Gordon, DeKalb Housing (left), Bill Brannon, Atl. Legal Aid (right). This program was a 2-hour special on predatory lending. Guests included Greg Fann of the East Point City Council.
Mike McCoy and his staff brought three troubled teens that have been incarcerated with no homes to live in, to share their testimonies about street survival. The Gravedigger show did a program on Mothers of Handicapped Children. Super Seventeen Award Winner Beth Tomlin (left) Mitchaleen Johnson with her daughter Morgan (right) gave their heartfelt testimonies.
Cozell Harris, a Super Seventeen Award Winner, gave his story of the Father's Resource Center that help men become dads to their children. Tommy Clack, a Vietnam hero who lost three limbs in the war, shared his testimony on how the Lord has used his adversities for his advantage and glory.
Two Super Seventeen Award Winners were hosted on the Gravedigger Show. Ken and Sharon Padget for their work with youth in Gainesville and Tim Newbon with Teen Challenge. Giving ex-felons released from prison a chance to work was the topic for this show. Guests from l-r were Bob Moore, V.P. Of Publix Stores, Gravedigger, Kenny Denmon, Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford.
The Gravedigger Show did a program on the Adult Exotic Dancing Business. Three recovering former sex slaves shared their testimonies from the Home of Redeeming Love. Grace Duke (Mama Grace) shared her 30-year testimony of her life in foster care for children in Christian City.
Bob Moore, Vice President of Publix Stores shared an honest account of his own mistakes thirty years ago, and someone gave him a second chance. Publix is now giving ex-felons a second chance. Superior Court Judge T. Jackson Bedford shared his testimony on the show.
Ken Guthrie (left), Denise Guthrie (center) and Tom Ball (right) gave hope to Joe's viewers on programs designed to help the 186,000 Georgians out of work Crossroads and Job Seekers. Laura Benefield shared her testimony of child abuse that led to a distructive lifestyle.  She has now been delivered to a life of serving our lord Jesus.
OJ and Dan gave vivid accounts of their childhood destructions. The Gravedigger Show highlighted ATC Christian College with President Dan Groover far right! The youth gave their testimonies and sang.
Pastor William Sheals shared his testimony on how the Lord used him from a radio DJ to building a megachurch of 17,000 members out of a junkyard. Robert (left) shared his testimony on how BL/Tire owner Bob Bannister hired him out of prison. Mike Holloway (right) shared how much the Gravedigger Show has helped him.
(L-R) Larry Shrader, Heinz Wagenor, Larry Okeson, all NFL founders or members, shared with Joe's national audience how to do this luncheon in their own city. Gloria and Ray Robinson and Soul Fire Ministries shared their experiences with homeless shelters. Soul Fire also sang two songs for the Gravedigger audience.
Three people from the medical profession share how they found Jesus. Is there a God complex in the medical field? Doctors (l-r) Chuck Sykes, Bobby Cancecio and Jeff Albert. Patty Gordon shared her testimony of her father and sister's accidental deaths. (Right) Linda Marra forgave the person after many years that murdered her father.
This is the third show Joe has done on the men of the Full Gospel Businessman's Fellowship. Joe honored the police officers who helped find his stolen car on his show!
Chief Moody, Dekalb Police Chief, and the District Attorney's office were honored, with three police officers who helped find Joe's stolen car on his show. The Roses and their attorney, Hal Carter, shared the injustices of the system that could take their loved ones away!
Barry Merritt's testimony took the audience through his life of lying and stealing and a mother's love who turned it around. Gerald Hickman shared his testimony on why it was so difficult for a self-made man to find Jesus.
(L) Janet and Patti shared their testimonies on the show. (L) Stan Hall and Silvia Pazman helped do a program on victim's rights. Silvia lost her husband to a person holding up a bank.
Eubzy Teel shared his testimony of a wreck that caused extreme pain and the subsequent inventions the Lord gave him. Joe did a program on forgiveness; here are two people from different sides of the track, that hated each other, but forgave each other on the show.
Rebecca Simmons shared how the party scene, fast cars and large homes with tennis courts left her depressed and all alone. Tracy Wells, host of "Let's Talk," shared her testimonial of rape and life in the jet set and back to women's outreaches and evangelism.


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