If the title of the show "Gravedigger" captures your attention, you just keep reading, you "ain't seen nothin' yet as they say. 

Joe Oreskovich is a man who has experienced what most of us fear the most. In 1989, Joe lived in a cardboard box in an alley behind a liquor store, drunken and drugged-out from alcohol and crack-cocaine. Here was a man who once had what most of us would call the American dream; a beautiful wife, children, a nice home and successful career in the insurance business. Joe had also served in the U.S. Army from 1966 to 1968 and deep down in his very soul he was a man who knew what duty, honor and responsibility as a man and a citizen was. 

Joe didn't dare go to a shelter for fear the law would catch up with him for a multitude of outstanding warrants for bad check charges, checks written to finance his drug and alcohol addiction. In 1989, several firefighters came to Joe's cardboard box to urge him to come out and go with them for a good hot meal. It didn't take much persuasion for that… Joe, thinking only of a decent meal had no idea what was really in store for him. 

These firefighters fed him a hot plate of spaghetti but an even hotter meal of the gospel of Jesus Christ. From there on Joe's life has never been the same. Joe "The Gravedigger," nicknamed by the firefighters and police officers who rescued him, vowed to pay back to society what he had taken from it. 

His dedication and relentless devotion to the Public Safety employees of the state of Georgia, has made possible the million dollar Firefighter and Law Enforcement Memorial Garden located in College Park dedicated to them. Yet his greatest and most difficult dream has been to effect a Twenty-and-out for all Public safety employees across the state. After two years of building a Georgia public safety pension committee representing Fire, EMS and Law Enforcement association leaders. The House Bill 1033 has had its second reading as of March 18, 1999. 

This humble, yet highly motivated man of God was hosting a television program on WATC TV 57 in Norcross, call what else, "The Gravedigger Show." This show changed the lives of viewers from every walk of life because of the nature of its content and guests. Rich and poor, known and unknown, testimonies with a very powerful impact on society.

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